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"I Will try To help everybody"


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Il y a 65 jours

Soul, Funk, Rap - English
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Il y a 245 jours

-Quiz- - French
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    Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends
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    "@Panne,  I didn’t propose because tef84 didn’t reject the Spice Girls proposal. A few years ago, it was more risky to make a proposal to such requesters, because it could happen that the proposals dragged on for years in Pendings. So we used comments.

    However, I can submit a suggestion now because there are alternative confirmation options and my proposal fits much better than the other one.  Thanks for reminding me, I didn't follow this. 😊"
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    "Thanks for the hint. I tried some words on the "Tubi" variation earlier, however this is totally unexpected."
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