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Soul, Funk, Rap - English


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    "Do you know any way of getting in touch with him? Could be a good lead on it
    nonoseacrestSat, 04 Dec 2021 17:45
    Could he be the artist? There sound similar at least. I can’t find many of his songs, especially before 2010. Maybe it was some myspace demo lol. I think he would know something about this song at least 
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  • "drum machine in that song does actually sound like roland r-8, so i bet its 1988-1990."
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    "man its only same rip just unknown remix ;)
    zozinhoeSat, 04 Dec 2021 14:49
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  • "Hey @alexx1984, was this sourced from a bootleg DVD-R of the movie or an officially released DVD? There's also a discord server which has this song as a channel, I can give you the invite if you'd like to join"
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  • "Please Delete it! Repeat"
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