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  • Hey Dacine - Would you like to join our discord server searching for this song?
  • "Thank you all! 😐
    But it became a little complicated! 😵🥴

    There's a several streamings for "Bertysolo" on the Spotify, soundcloud &... but "Ethan Meixsell" doesn't have any but Youtube! 🤔
    It's good I didn't confirmed yet! But which one should I really select & confirm? Please help me! 🤔"
  • "@Panne 😉"
  • 3
    a sample in Other
  • 16
    "I listened to 20 mixes now and didn't find it, and not going to continue my search."
  • 9
    "You're welcome,my friend.What a great track!!"
  • a sample in Electro
  • 9
    "Maybe ''Part time love'',but nothing can find."
  • "@neoton thank you so much, been searching for months !"
  • Vikki Secret Feat.. Ron Browz & Tinie Tempah - Innit
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