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    "Sorry, it's different edit, im looking for it..."
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    a sample in Pop
  • "Ah just now saw these I've been bude lately so sorry about that but I got it from some random website a while ago. I don't remember the website but it may have been one of those free mp3 sites. The file name was something generic like 1.mp3. "
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    John Murphy - In the House, In a Heartbeat
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    There're many songs, that use this melody, for example...:

    Il Divo - Isabel

    Little Mix - Little Me

    ...And so on...

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    Gabriel Fauré - Pavane in F-sharp minor, Op. 50.
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    "HINT: Title" T_by😏even with this strong joker I'm not sure you'll find the song easily.The missing letter is the last one you would guess."
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